Best Neighborhoods in Suwanee GA – Where to Live in Suwanee GA

Are you moving to Suwanee GA and wondering where to live?  I get asked this question all the time by...

10 Safest Cities in Georgia

If you are considering moving to Georgia, but are wondering which are the safest cities in Georgia to live in,...


Teresa Fudge

March 14, 2022

10 Worst Neighborhoods in Atlanta – Living in Atlanta

If you are planning a move to Atlanta and wondering where you should or should not live, this is the...

Teresa Fudge

March 8, 2022

The Cost of Living in Atlanta vs New York City

If you are considering a move to Atlanta from NYC and are curious as to the Cost of Living in...

Teresa Fudge

March 1, 2022

5 Best Home Seller Tips (2022)

If you have been paying attention to social media, the news or chatter around your town, you have certainly he...

Teresa Fudge

February 22, 2022

WORST Time to Buy – Georgia Real Estate Market Update 2024

In today’s Georgia real estate market update for June 2024 we are hitting all the high spots! We will lo...

Teresa Fudge

July 11, 2024

Things Not to Have at Your Home When Selling – You Can’t Miss This!

This video is all about the things NOT to have at your home when selling it. When getting your home...

Teresa Fudge

July 4, 2024

What to Update to Sell Your Home – Get Your Home Ready to Sell For Maximum...

What to update to sell your home is the first thing you should address when getting your home ready to...

Teresa Fudge

June 27, 2024

How to downsize – donate

How to downsize – donate You can’t explain how to downsize your home without donating stuff. In th...

Teresa Fudge

June 26, 2024

How to downsize – recycle and trash

How to downsize – recycle and trash Step 4 in downsizing your house is to recycle and trash what’s...

Teresa Fudge

June 26, 2024

Best Suburbs of Atlanta

In this video I break down the 10 best suburbs of Atlanta to raise a family in! I count it...

Teresa Fudge

June 25, 2024


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